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Award of Honour
Feb 2010
05 February 2010

Letter of appreciation

from the of Royal Household for fixing the reception arch at Chitralada Palace garden on the occasion of King’s birthday anniversary on 5 December 2009.

Dec 2009
22 December 2009

Certificate of honour

from the Ministry of Education for donating computer building at Ban Hua Wai school at Kanchanaburi amounting Baht 356,000

Jul 2009
02 July 2009

Award of Outstanding company

for safety and occupation health and work environment on 23rd national safety week.

Nov 2008
03 November 2008

Letter of appreciation

from Pathumwananurak foundation for supporting three marble plates which HRH Maha Charki Sirindhorn planted on behalf of the foundation

Nov 2007
21 November 2007

Letter of appreciation

from Bureau of Royal Household for repairing and fixing the arch of Phra Warunyujan at Chittralada villa on the occasion of King’s 80th year anniversary

Jun 2002
07 June 2002

Letter of invitation for the royal award

from HRH Maha Charki Sirindhorn the occasion of constitution court office building receiving distinguished preserved building and outstanding organization for conservation of architectural art year 2001-2

May 2001
11 May 2001

Letter of appreciation

from the Bureau of the Royal Household for making staff punching board at Wang Sa Pathum

Mar 2001
01 March 2001

Letter of appreciation

from HRH Maha Charki Sirindhorn on the occasion of donating the saving in expenses for repairing the wooden house in Wang Sa Pathum.