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S. Boonmeerit Engineering Co., Ltd was established as a company to undertake construction and improvement of traditional Thai architecture. The company was founded by Mr. Boonmeerit who is currently the general manager.

The company was first registered as a limited partnership in the name of S.Boonmeerit Engineering Ltd. Partnership on March 12, 1986 with the aim of being responsible and precise with customers’ desire. It conforms to all aspects of architectural design especially traditional Thai architecture using selected materials, equipment and qualified workers. This is one of the main reasons why the company has been well-recognized by many.

With the vision to expand in the near future, S. Boonmeerit limited partnership registered itself as S. Boonmeerit Engineering Co., Ltd on March 26, 2002 with registration no.: 010554503381 to become a company which accepts all kinds of repair, architecture, structural design and facility systems work domestically and internationally. The primary aim is to develop and combine technical knowledge with specialized Thai architecture to achieve the best result.

To date, with its experience and performance, S. Boonmeerit can guarantee traditional Thai architectural standards. It has gained recognition by many customers and fellow professionals in the field of construction and improvement of Thai architecture.



To be one of the leading business in the field of construction and improvement of Thai architecture, combining technological advances with experience in Thai architecture while carrying out creative and precise work in traditional Thai architecture.



To be the leading business in preserving traditional Thai architecture and contemporary Thai architecture domestically and internationally.

To enhance technological knowledge by setting goals for success to ensure best results focusing on quality, environment and safety.

To maintain sustainable management by developing skills, knowledge and abilities of the human resources in the company including moral, ethics and responsibility at all levels.



To be the leading business in the field on construction with high standards and have expertise in preserving and carrying out both traditional Thai architecture and contemporary Thai architecture.



To provide high quality work for all customers

To carry forth management with the high standards and fairness

To have responsibility towards the society and nation

To continually develop its workforce and organisation